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When you register for any Kids Talk Online Workshop I’ll send a monthly invitation to join me for a complimentary personal strategy session.

Each month I’ll choose participants from the workshops to join me for a private one-hour chat.

We can use regular phone service, Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype or some other service that works for both of us.

We’ll visit at a mutually agreeable day and time.

Also, you can have the maximum number of participants on your end of the call that the platform you choose allows.

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What Workshop Participants Are Saying…

Thank you, Maren Schmidt, for this year’s helping our families through tough times, giving us skills to understand children’s ways…You have no idea how Understanding Montessori has helped not only my children, but also understanding myself and the people I love.

I am a Montessori Primary Teacher in Colorado. Your guidance, knowledge, and loving wisdom are so important for parents and teachers. I look forward to all your beautiful insight into the mind, body and spirit of all developing children of all ages. As a parent of teenagers, your words speak to me as a guide for all humanity to learn and grow. Your “talk” mirrors the way I raise my family and teach my students.