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Wow!  Where do I start?

The response to my Kids Talk Children’s Literacy Series has been eye-opening.

Hundreds of my Kids Talk readers (over 500 at last count!) have contacted me about how to help that special child in their lives who is floundering with reading, writing and spelling.

To answer these questions, I put together a four-part informational series of videos with handouts to explain the basics of how to help the child who seems stuck.

You’ll want to see this series for three reasons:

  • To learn more about helping the child who is struggling with reading, writing and spelling
  • To have some great handouts
  • To find out how I can help you with children’s reading, writing and spelling at a deeper level

The first of this series is a three-minute video about the two most important skills needed for reading, writing and spelling success.

The second video gives information about how to help the older child who is past the sensitive period for absorbing language. (5 minutes)

The third video, in less than two minutes, explains a simple game to help the older child learn phonograms.

In the fourth video, I’ll show you how using the information in my Unscramble Spelling workshop can make a difference for children’s learning.

Spelling Reading Writing Info Series

There is no obligation on your part.  Feel free to share the handouts and the links to the videos in this series.

If we can help one more child become a successful reader, writer and speller…that’s all that I ask.

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  1. I am a first year Lower Elementary Guide for a public charter Montessori school. The ‘Unscramble Spelling’ webinar sounds phenomenal! I would love any additional support you have:)


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