FREE WEBINAR: Helping Parents “Get” Montessori

Helping Parents Get Montessori

Are you a school leader concerned about helping your school families “understand” Montessori?   

On Wednesday, February 8 or Thursday, February 9, at 4 PM Pacific,  please join me for a 45-minute webinar on Helping Parents “Get” Montessori.

In this free webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Attracting the right people into your school community
  • Using your choices and expectations to build community
  • Building community with my parent support program

I believe that when parents really understand Montessori it takes your school community to a new and deeper level.

In this webinar you’ll learn how my online parent support program, Seeing Your Child The Montessori Way, might be right for your school.

Can’t make it?

Please sign up so you’ll get the recording that will be available only for three days.

You’ll receive a bonus, plus put-it-into-action tips for building your ideal community.

You’ll also be able to ask questions during the webinar for a personal response from me.

Plus, you’ll receive a special offer.

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Look forward to seeing you then!

All the best,


Montessori Professional Development

4 Responses to “FREE WEBINAR: Helping Parents “Get” Montessori”

    • Sandra,


      In late November I am planning on giving that webinar again.

      I have new information to add. So, be on the lookout in early November for registration for that webinar.

  1. Good day Ma’am. I’m seeing this for the first time. Is it possible to still access the webinar. I’m our Montessori schools director. This will definitely help us to reach more parents in an educational environment where parents do not believe in ‘following the child’ and thus see Montessori education as holding their children back. Thank you for your assistance. Bunmi

    • Olubunmi,


      In late November I will be giving this webinar again.

      I’ll be adding new information and will be sending out registration information in early November in your For School Leaders newsletter.



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