FREE WEBINAR: Dealing With Difficult Behaviors

dealing with difficult behaviors

Are you dealing with these aspects of difficult behaviors with children?

  • Parent’s denial about the behavior
  • Lack of strategies on how to assist a child with difficult behaviors
  • Too much time spent supervising a child
  • Handling the stress and frustration of dealing with those children
  • Disruption of the entire class
  • Inappropriate interactions, such as hitting, yelling and tantrums
  • Lack of parent follow through
  • Other children perceiving the child with difficult behaviors as disrespectful
  • Montessori elementary being seen as the “catch-all” of children who have had poor experiences in other school settings

If this sounds familiar…

Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 20 for 4:00 pm Pacific/ 7:00 Eastern.

That’s when I’ll be giving my free webinar, Dealing With Difficult Behaviors In Your School And Classrooms.

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In Dealing With Difficult Behaviors In Your School And Classrooms:

  • You’ll hear about two resources for behavior and skills training that help parents and teachers work together for the child’s benefit.
  • You’ll see a simple yet effective strategy to help you clearly communicate expectations for behavior in your classrooms and school.
  • You’ll learn about three communication tools that can help you create more peaceful classrooms and schools.
  • Plus I’ll share with you the essential Montessori principles that must be implemented consistently throughout your school if you are to deal effectively with difficult behaviors.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern 

In this 45-minute session you’ll learn about strategies that can make a difference for your entire school right away.

Can’t make it?  No worries!

Be sure to register so I can send you the recording of this session that will be available for only a week.

I look forward to having you in this session.

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4 Responses to “FREE WEBINAR: Dealing With Difficult Behaviors”

  1. Hello Maren, I will not be able to watch on Thursday, but I’m interested in the recording.
    Thank you. Gail

    • Gail,


      There will be a replay available about an hour after the session. Look for an email about that time.

      The replay will be available for 7 days, 24 hours a day, to watch at your convenience.

      The Q and A box will also be working and your questions will come directly to me. I’ll give you a personal reply to any questions you send during the replay period.

  2. I listened to the free workshop on Dealing with Difficult Behaviors in the Classroom and really liked it My co worker was unable to listen to it, and also I am hoping to get notes to refer to. Are there more materials?

    • Diane,

      Glad you enjoyed the webinar.

      The action guide you received for the webinar is the only material for that webinar.

      I also recommend two of my courses, Secrets of Observation and Problem Solving Tools To Use With Children, to help you with the on- going cycle of teaching and learning.


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