FREE WEBINAR | Planning For Summer Fun

Planning For Summer Fun

With so many of us in social isolation with children, I decided to release this webinar early as it contains strategic help in co-creating activities with children. When we get buy-in from our children, life runs a lot smoother.

We need summer fun, NOW!

Are you concerned about having enough activities to full up the entire summer?

At home and at school?

In this “instant” webinar, Planning For Summer Fun…

Parent or teacher you’ll learn:

  • How to  co-create with children a summer full of fun on-target activities.
  • How to prepare the indoors and outdoors.
  • Tips for road trip activities.
  • Suggestions for those cat in the hat days, when it is too wet to go out and too hot to play ball.
  • Great book resources to help with everything from arts and crafts to cooking.

All in under 20 minutes!

Plus you’ll get an action guide to help you put it all together.

Rather listen?

On the webinar page you can download an mp3 file for easy listening.

Sign up below and you’ll go directly to your instant webinar training.

Watch Planning for Summer Fun

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