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Unscramble Spelling

Do you know a child who is struggling with spelling, reading or writing?

Do you dream of children who love to spell?

Wish you had an easy way to to help children become excellent spellers?

With the Unscramble Spelling Workshop:

  • Learn what makes a great speller.
  • Discover the major obstacles to becoming a great speller and how to overcome them.
  • Evaluate first grade to college level skills.
  • Analyze spelling results to determine what the next step in learning is for any student. This program takes the guesswork out of what to teach.
  • Tap into children’s conscious learning style.
  • Learn  a variety of fun spelling activities to foster important repetition, essential for learning.
  • Find out about 29 basic spelling conventions.  And you may wonder why no one ever told you about these!
  • Learn about the effectiveness of personal spelling dictionaries and how easy they are to get started.
  • Appreciate how easy it is to communicate students’ progress.
  • Help children love to spell, read and write, thus supporting a life full of learning.


Join me for the Unscramble Spelling course to learn how to help your students, from 6-year-olds through junior high, excel in spelling, reading and writing.


Learn how to support and challenge your child in their spelling and literacy journey.

Course opened through March 1, 2024

Also, in this 90-minute online workshop you’ll learn—

  • How spelling and reading are interconnected
  • Why you don’t have to listen to children read out loud
  • Key spelling words that lead to fundamental spelling rules
  • How to put a spelling program together that is consistent with Montessori principles

You’ll leave this workshop with spelling lists and spelling rules and know how to get spelling going in a whole new way in your classroom—the very next day!

Kids Talk Workshops

Mother Helping Daughter With Homework In KitchenAbout the Workshop

  • This workshop is on-demand, online and available to you 24/7.
  • Take the course on your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Register now and you’ll be taking the course in minutes.
  • It’s easy to ask me questions.
  • You’ll have eight weeks of follow-up with me to help you implement these new ideas.
  • You’ll also have on-going access to this course.
  • Also, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.
money back guarantee

Need CEUs or CECs?

Certificates of attendance for two hours towards continuing education requirements are available upon request at the end of the workshop.

BONUS: For a limited time I am also offering eight workshop implementation hours at no additional cost.

Course opened through March 1, 2024

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