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  • What are the vital motivational needs to nourish in children and ourselves? Learn about them here.

  • Discover 3 effective ways to problem solve with children and adults. Perfect for home, work or school!

  • What Montessori ideas are important to use at home? Learn how and why a Montessori home is not a classroom.

  • Ten secrets of how to become a more skillful Montessori observer and practitioner await you!

  • Learn how Montessori principles, ideas, tools and people make a difference in your child's creativity.

  • Here's the expert help you need to develop excellent spellers in your elementary programs.

  • Discover communication tools to help make your adult/child relationships more meaningful and joyous.

  • Want to help kids love math? Learn how to make working with numbers fun…the Montessori Way.

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Full Courses available now

Seeing Your Child
The Montessori Way

Parent Support Program

60-day Guarantee - 100% satisfaction or your money back

Single Family

Join me for this six week journey to support your parenting...the Montessori Way.

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Find out how your school community can benefit from this parent support program.

Bulk Packages for Schools

Reading Fundamentals

For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old

60-day Guarantee - 100% satisfaction or your money back

Learn fun activities to share with your 3 to 6 year old to help build reading success.

Songs, games, and more.

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When you register for any Kids Talk Online Workshop you’ll receive a monthly invitation to join me for a complimentary live one-on-one chat.

Each month I’ll choose participants from the workshops to join me for a private one-hour chat.

We can use regular phone service, Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype or some other service that works for both of us.

We’ll visit at a mutually agreeable day and time

Also, you can have the maximum number of participants on your end of the call that the platform you choose allows.

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