Teaching Math The Montessori Way

mathematicsDo you want to help kids love math?

Would you like to make working with numbers fun?

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In Teaching Math The Montessori Way you’ll get practical common sense advice about how to help children love learning their math facts…and it’s not drill and kill methods.

It’s about skills and thrills to fuel enthusiasm.

Mathematics is the language we use to talk about quantity, structure, space and change, as well as other qualities of the physical world.

Our experiences within our physical world determine how we learn to think and communicate this knowledge.

In this workshop, I’ll show you how to give children foundational experiences with quantity, structure, space and change, experiences that will develop their number sense and love of using the language of mathematics.

This workshop is based on current research along with my twenty plus years of experience teaching children ages 3 to 15.

You’ll find information in this workshop that might turn the children around you into math lovers!

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In this workshop…

You’ll discover the five misconceptions about math and get the information to clear those illusions.

We’ll look at the natural psychological responses that make mathematics uncomfortable for us. Plus, you’ll learn ways to avoid those responses and make math fun.

You’ll have a tour of the mathematics work in Montessori primary (3 to 6 years)  and elementary (6 to 12 years) environments.  You’ll discover a lot of fun number sense there.

We’ll also look at teaching and learning principles that assure our children’s success.

And you may be surprised when you learn the optimum times for learning certain concepts!

constructive trianglesThis workshop is probably not for…

  • Math Experts
  • Ph.Ds in Mathematics
  • Rocket Scientists

This workshop is for…

  • Teachers desiring assistance and assurance on the best ways to help children, ages 3 to 12, with mathematics.
  • Parents who want some practical advice on how to support this important learning at home and at school.
  • Helping future math experts.

Have  a question?

Send it to me at maren@marenschmidt.com

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mathematicsWhat Workshop Participants Are Saying…

I loved this workshop! I have always enjoyed observing the children, but your ten secrets will definitely make for a more informed method for observation.

I intend to review my notes regularly until they are embedded in my mind! Thank you so much.

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Hats off to you, Maren, for making the Montessori philosophy come alive for parents and refreshed for teachers, and administrators.

I have enjoyed every session and look forward to making the programs available for my staff and school community as pre-training, orientation, and parent education.

Thanks for a light hearted and fun learning opportunity that brings great value to the Montessori community.

I want to thank you for the wonderfully encouraging newsletters that I find on a regular basis in my inbox.  I am saving every single one of them.  I tell my parents and teachers alike to subscribe to them, they are that helpful.  Please know that this is such a valuable contribution to us as we work to help the younger generation find their place in this world they live in.

I love the online workshops, too.  I hope you will continue to contribute to our efforts.  You have very interesting and challenging insights on the many facets of  “Life in the Montessori Classroom.”