Kids Talk Workshops

Kids Talk Workshops

Have a topic you’d like to understand better?

Use your Kids Talk Workshop in two ways:

1. Free Online Training

Kids Talk Workshops offers free online training. Here are a few examples.

Click on each image to get more information.

Preparing Your Home The Montessori Way

Nourishing Creativity

Finding Motivation

2. Monthly Instant Webinars

Kids Talk Workshops

Each month I offer a complimentary short webinar on a variety of topics.

When you register for a webinar, you’ll also receive follow-up emails to help you put the webinar tips into action.

Be sure to download your Action Guide that you’ll find on the webinar page.

Each month you’ll also find a sign up page for free training here, as well as in our Kids Talk Newsletters.

A sampling of the webinars follow:

Understanding How Children Learn To Read

How To Help With Spelling

Helping Children Learn To Listen

How To Be A Become a Better Observer

Teaching Civility

Dealing With Challenging Behaviors

I hope you’ll join me for these monthly webinar trainings.


Maren Schmidt