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What Kids Talk Readers are saying…

I started following you back when my children were in school. Your choice of topics and thoughtful advice were helpful even though my children did not attend a Montessori School. Now they are grown, but as a children’s book author, and soon-to-be grandparent!, I am still a big follower. Thank you for so many years of wise commentary.

As a Montessori administrator, I send home your weekly newsletter to parents. This has helped them immensely to understand how Montessori can work in the home and to help with parenting skills. Our parent group is young and often their oldest child has just entered school. The information you present is encouraging and educational for them as they maneuver their way through situations that they often find to be difficult. Thank you for giving us such a well-written, comprehensive view not only about Montessori, but Love and Logic techniques that work with every child.

As a Montessori trained guide as well as a mom of a Montessori trained child, your advice and perspective have been invaluable.  I have been able to implement your suggestions in my classroom to great success!  Your insight and wisdom really shine through.  I love directing the parents to your comprehensive website. I am so thankful for your weekly snip-its.