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This month we have two trainings: How To Help With Spelling and Teaching Your Children Values

How To Help With Spelling

how to help with spelling

Is spelling dead?

In today’s tech world with computerized dictation programs, along with the ability to use spelling autocorrect as we write, there is an educational faction that says that learning to spell is unimportant, that spelling is dead.

Research shows, though, that being a competent speller increases…

  • Reading ability,
  • Writing effectiveness,
  • Reading and listening comprehension, and
  • Overall communication skills.

Learning to be a good speller is more important than ever for our children.

Join me for this 20-minute instant webinar, How To Help With Spelling, to find out how you, parent or teacher, can make a difference.

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Teaching Your Children Values

In today’s world there appears to be a leadership culture that promotes ideas and actions that go against time-tested universal principles of human behavior.

These principles have worked to build healthy individuals and cultures all over the world for thousands of years. 

We know that there are physical laws, such as gravity, that if we ignore them, such as jumping off a building, we suffer dire consequences.

And so it is with the principles of human behavior, which are also referred to as values. 

If we choose to ignore these principles of human behavior, we do so with perhaps disasterous results.

In this session we will look at key principles that can guide us through the hazards of life, while building a meaningful life.  

Join me for this 20-minute webinar, Teaching Your Children Values, to find out how you can make a difference.

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