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Teaching Civility

Teaching Civility

Over the past few years it seems like incivility in our culture has reached a new high.

Which is not a good thing!

Most of my life I have been teaching others how to problem solve and urging others to treat all people with kindness and respect.

Time to double down on those efforts. There is a lot of work to do!

My wish is that this information will help you as a school leader create a culture of kindness and respect in your school, because I know that the ripple effect will begin with every act of kindness and respect.

The news events of the past few years, with an overwhelming arc of meanness, disrespect and disregard for others, fractures my heart.

What has happened to common courtesy? Civility? Kindness and respect?

What are our children learning from this mean-spirited time?

How can we magnify kindness and respect in both children and adults?

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In this 25-minute webinar, I’ll focus on how we as school leaders–administrators, teachers and parents–can create environments where civility plays out every day. Environments where kindness and respect are taught and used. Environments where children and adults work and live with grace and dignity.

Teaching civility, I believe, is integral to our work as school leaders.

Please join me for this month’s complimentary webinar.

Watch Teaching Civility Now!

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