Reading Fundamentals

For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old

teaching_your_child_to_readWant to feel confident about your child’s reading progress?

Want a simple, yet effective, way to help your child succeed with reading and writing?

In Reading Fundamentals For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old you’ll learn…

  • Fun activities to prepare your three to six-year-old for reading success
  • Two essential skills all excellent readers, writers and spellers possess
  • How to develop these two skills with your child by playing games and singing everyday
  • About great books to read out loud to your child
  • Ways to encourage writing
  • How to recognize reading problems early and what to do

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Look What Is All In This Course!


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Understanding The Seven Parts of This Course


  • How To Play The I Spy Game
  • Using The Edible Alphabet Song
  • The Edible Alphabet Cards
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Understanding Your Child’s Need For Order

PART 2: KEEP THE AIR FULL OF LANGUAGEfamily-reading-mom-red-pink-flipped

  • Keep Language In The Air
  • The Importance Of Reading Out Loud
  • Essential Elements For Reading Out Loud
  • Book Suggestions
  • How To Teach A Song
  • Song Suggestions
  • Memorizing Poetry
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Please, Please Don’t Eat The Marshmallow!


  • The Verb Game: Matching Words, Thoughts and Deeds
  • The Hunting Game
  • The What’s Missing Game
  • The Preposition Game: Where Is It?
  • The Name Game: Using The Visual Dictionary
  • The Question Game: The Art of Conversation
  • The Listening Game
  • The Looking Game

PART 3: PREPARING THE HAND TO WRITEwriting toddler 02H70688 1000

  • Getting The Hand Ready To Write
  • Inset And Pencil Work
  • Practical Life Activities To Strengthen The Hand
  • Pin Punchings
  • Simple Drawings
  • Decorating A Page
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: The Importance Of The Hand In Language Development


  • Finally! Time To Introduce The Letters
  • Introducing the Phonograms
  • Why I Prefer Teaching Cursive First
  • Sandpaper Letters
  • I’m Thinking Of A Word Game
  • The Alphabet Sound Song
  • Edible Alphabet Song…Now With Letter Cards
  • Letter Matching Game
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Your Child’s Brain Is Unique

moveable alphabet shutterstock_79399327PART 5: WHEN YOUR CHILD CONNECTS 24 SOUNDS AND LETTERS

  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Three Part Cards
  • Making Small Reading Books
  • The Labeling Game
  • Using Song Lyrics
  • Puzzle Words
  • Adjective Game
  • Adverb Game
  • Box 1
  • Box 2
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Learning By Doing

Girl learning to write name in primary classPART 6: WATCHING FOR OBSTACLES TO READING

  • Letter Confusion
  • Recognizing Patterns To See Phonograms
  • Recognizing The Spaces Between Words
  • Words Make Sense
  • Reading Left To Right And Top To Bottom
  • Reading Multiple Words
  • Training The Eye To Move Back And Forth
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Strengthen Strengths

Woman and two children sitting in living room reading book and sPART 7: DEVELOPING READING FLUENCY

  • Keep On Keeping On!
  • Vocabulary Enrichment

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Only $87.00!


2 Payments of $47.00 USD!

Remember: All Kids Talk Online Workshops have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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What Workshop Participants Are Saying…

Words cannot describe of how to the point helpful this course is. I am excited to implement the things I have learned in the year 2017. A new wonderful beginning for my little people and myself.
Thank you so very much!

montessori workshops for parents

I want to thank you for all the knowledge and valuable information you shared though this course. I have been excitedly preparing materials for my class in the fall!

montessori workshops for parents

I just wanted to share with you how happy I feel about learning with you. You are inspirational and fun!!  I am teaching an extracurricular reading class to primary and early elementary children and I love to get new and better ways to do it.  Taking these courses with you provides me with much of what I need and want.  Thank you!

montessori workshops for parents

I decided to take the course because I wished to have more information to help my daughters with reading.

I couldn’t be happier at what Maren Schmidt presented. It is exactly what I always dreamed as a learning method. It is very well structured, consistent and above all fun.

Besides, I got personalized tips on how to help my one daughter who has a learning disability.

The course is absolutely amazing!

montessori workshops for parents

I truly appreciated the simple reminders of effectively teaching kids not only how to read, but to love learning and making it fun.

montessori workshops for parents