Reading Fundamentals

For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old

teaching_your_child_to_readWant to feel confident about your child’s reading progress?

Want a simple, yet effective, way to help your child succeed with reading and writing?

In Reading Fundamentals For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old you’ll learn…

  • Fun activities to prepare your three to six-year-old for reading success
  • Two essential skills all excellent readers, writers and spellers possess
  • How to develop these two skills with your child by playing games and singing every day
  • About great books to read out loud to your child
  • Ways to encourage writing
  • How to recognize reading problems early and what to do

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Look What Is All In This Course!


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Understanding The Seven Parts of This Course


  • How To Play The I Spy Game
  • Using The Edible Alphabet Song
  • The Edible Alphabet Cards
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Understanding Your Child’s Need For Order

PART 2: KEEP THE AIR FULL OF LANGUAGEfamily-reading-mom-red-pink-flipped

  • Keep Language In The Air
  • The Importance Of Reading Out Loud
  • Essential Elements For Reading Out Loud
  • Book Suggestions
  • How To Teach A Song
  • Song Suggestions
  • Memorizing Poetry
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Please, Please Don’t Eat The Marshmallow!


  • The Verb Game: Matching Words, Thoughts and Deeds
  • The Hunting Game
  • The What’s Missing Game
  • The Preposition Game: Where Is It?
  • The Name Game: Using The Visual Dictionary
  • The Question Game: The Art of Conversation
  • The Listening Game
  • The Looking Game

PART 3: PREPARING THE HAND TO WRITEwriting toddler 02H70688 1000

  • Getting The Hand Ready To Write
  • Inset And Pencil Work
  • Practical Life Activities To Strengthen The Hand
  • Pin Punchings
  • Simple Drawings
  • Decorating A Page
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: The Importance Of The Hand In Language Development


  • Finally! Time To Introduce The Letters
  • Introducing the Phonograms
  • Why I Prefer Teaching Cursive First
  • Sandpaper Letters
  • I’m Thinking Of A Word Game
  • The Alphabet Sound Song
  • Edible Alphabet Song…Now With Letter Cards
  • Letter Matching Game
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Your Child’s Brain Is Unique

moveable alphabet shutterstock_79399327PART 5: WHEN YOUR CHILD CONNECTS 24 SOUNDS AND LETTERS

  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Three Part Cards
  • Making Small Reading Books
  • The Labeling Game
  • Using Song Lyrics
  • Puzzle Words
  • Adjective Game
  • Adverb Game
  • Box 1
  • Box 2
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Learning By Doing

Girl learning to write name in primary classPART 6: WATCHING FOR OBSTACLES TO READING

  • Letter Confusion
  • Recognizing Patterns To See Phonograms
  • Recognizing The Spaces Between Words
  • Words Make Sense
  • Reading Left To Right And Top To Bottom
  • Reading Multiple Words
  • Training The Eye To Move Back And Forth
  • BUILDING BLOCKS: Strengthen Strengths

Woman and two children sitting in living room reading book and sPART 7: DEVELOPING READING FLUENCY

  • Keep On Keeping On!
  • Vocabulary Enrichment

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What Workshop Participants Are Saying…

I want to thank you for all the knowledge and valuable information you shared though this course. I have been excitedly preparing materials for my class in the fall!

montessori workshops for parents

I just wanted to share with you how happy I feel about learning with you. You are inspirational and fun!!  I am teaching an extracurricular reading class to primary and early elementary children and I love to get new and better ways to do it.  Taking these courses with you provides me with much of what I need and want.  Thank you!

montessori workshops for parents

I decided to take the course because I wished to have more information to help my daughters with reading.

I couldn’t be happier at what Maren Schmidt presented. It is exactly what I always dreamed as a learning method. It is very well structured, consistent and above all fun.

Besides, I got personalized tips on how to help my one daughter who has a learning disability.

The course is absolutely amazing!

montessori workshops for parents

I truly appreciated the simple reminders of effectively teaching kids not only how to read, but to love learning and making it fun.

montessori workshops for parents

Words cannot describe of how to the point helpful this course is. I am excited to implement the things I have learned in the year 2017. A new wonderful beginning for my little people and myself.
Thank you so very much!

montessori workshops for parents

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