Your Dream Community

Your school should reflect MORE of what you want.

  • MORE time to do the things you love.
  • MORE money to fund your dreams.
  • MORE impact serving your community members of children, families and staff.
  • MORE confidence to act.

I get it…

When you are running a school you are pulled a thousand different directions, every day.

There is never enough time, money or energy to do all the important tasks you want to do to make a difference.

Before I had a method for building my dream community I filled open enrollment on a first come, first served basis. I didn’t have the time or money, or so I thought, to truly decide who I desired in my school community. I thought I was stuck forever with people who didn’t get Montessori.

What a difference understanding the steps for building my dream community made.

Once I was began using these five steps I found I was:

  • Confident about attracting my ideal families and staff members.
  • Planning and doing the fun parts of my job.
  • Less stressed.
  • Putting out fewer fires.
  • Finding time to do my wish-list.


You’ll have all the information you need to plan a retreat with your staff members to discuss and decide your group vision of your dream school.

You’ll learn how this process creates buy-in from all staff members.

The Dream becomes everyone’s dream.


The clarity you’ll gain with deciding the specifics of your dream community will help you recruit and retain your ideal families and staff members.

You’ll discover how this clear vision can transform the “not-so-perfect” folks into your dream members.    

Plus, you’ll have precise wording to connect the right people to your school.

ENGAGE AND EDUCATE                 

You’ll learn the importance of engaging and educating your school community members.

You’ll be able to tap into various Kids Talk resources, such as newsletters and workshops, that will engage your prospective and current community members.


You’ll see how to prioritize your efforts to streamline your work.

You’ll learn active management techniques that will help you control situations that take you off-task and off-track.

You’ll find tools to help you act to build relationships within your school community.


You’ll learn to feel confident about “jumping into the water” to make your dreams a reality.

You’ll learn about the “little gremlins” that hold you back from doing your best work, and how to send those gremlins on their way.

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