Reading Fundamentals

For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old


Are you confteaching_your_child_to_readused about how to help your three to six-year-old learn to read?

Do you want an effective and simple way to help your child with reading and writing?

In Reading Fundamentals For Your 3-To-6-Year-Old you’ll learn…

  • Fun activities to prepare your three to six-year-old for reading success
  • Two essential skills all excellent readers, writers and spellers possess
  • How to develop these two skills with your child by playing games and singing everyday
  • About great books to read out loud to your child
  • Ways to encourage writing
  • How to recognize reading problems early and what to do

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Until then, you might enjoy reading the Kids Talk Children’s Literacy Series on the Kids Talk Blog.

Here’s the first article in the series:

On The Road To Reading 

86Car seat manufacturers announced changing their installation instructions because the reading level was too difficult for over half of their customers in the United States. How high was that reading level?A fifth grade level.

As a young mother, I had a knot in my stomach when reading this kind of article, along with a cold fear that my children might be among those people who can’t read basic instructions.

Today my children have graduated from college and more. I have taught hundreds of children how to read, and confidence replaced my fears. I know parents make a tremendous difference in their child’s success.  Click here to read the article…