Pull An Art Box Out Of Your Hat

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“I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.” The-Rainy-Day-It’s-Too-Hot-Summer-Blahs. Every year the blahs hit, and every year parents and grandparents wish they were more prepared. Get ready by having a special art box organized and ready to pull out on short notice. For a small investment, about the cost of taking four people to the movies, […]

The Power To Act From Real Choice

choosing snack

My husband likes to stop and indulge in an Italian dessert at our local gelato shop. On any given day there may be thirty different varieties of gelato on display. New and untried flavors, such as mango/lime, are frequent. My husband usually asks to taste five or six flavors before deciding on two scoops. “How […]

Add A Little Drama

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Summer is upon us and ideas for vacation fun can start to run low after a couple of weeks. One of our perennial favorites for serious merriment is the drama box. Our drama box began with remnants of Halloween costumes, old dress shoes (cowboy boots and red sparkle heels!), and a forgotten black dress. From […]

Lighten Up

two children in chef's hats showing the palms

Thank goodness for my mother-in-law. Her sense of humor has always been helpful. Years ago, my in-laws came to stay with the girls, then four and five, for a few days while my husband and I headed off on a company sponsored trip. This five-day trip was the first time we had been away more […]

The Transformation of the Possessive Instinct

boy with bee

For the child under the age of seven years another indicator of on-track development is the sublimation of the possessive instinct. This transformation of the possessive instinct occurs when the child is given an environment where he or she has the right to use the materials as long as he or she wishes, while respecting […]

Dealing With Bullying

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“Do you have any suggestions for me to share with a parent on how to help her child deal with a bully in school?” asked Mary, a grandmother and teacher. Bullying seems to be getting a lot of media time recently. Many schools and other organizations are creating programs to try to combat these mean-spirited […]

The Rule Of 150


The Rule of 150 states that the size of an effective social network is limited to 150 members. Social scientists theorize that 150 is the limit of the human ability to remember and respond to all the members in a group. The human mind seems unable to maintain a large number of distinct relationships. As […]

Whatchya Thinkin’?

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I’d love to know what’s on your mind. Please take this short survey to help me know what your interests are. Click here for the survey.  It’s short!  I promise!

Five Dangerous Behaviors

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi We have all experienced the person. The person with the negative attitude whose dark cloud metastasizes throughout a relationship, family, business or community, bringing discord, disorder and disaster. In order to maintain harmonious relationships, Stephen Covey in The 8th Habit […]

Watch My Interview

This event is in full swing! Click here to watch my 20 minute interview. Over the next two weeks there will be interviews with lots of great folks.  Join in! Dr. Laura Markham Lori Petro Tracy Cutchlow Maren Schmidt Jessica Martin-Weber Amy Bryant Karen Young Kim Payne Claire Heffron and Lauren Drobnjak Jane Nelsen Liz Barker-Aquino […]