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This event is in full swing! Click here to watch my 20 minute interview. Over the next two weeks there will be interviews with lots of great folks.  Join in! Dr. Laura Markham Lori Petro Tracy Cutchlow Maren Schmidt Jessica Martin-Weber Amy Bryant Karen Young Kim Payne Claire Heffron and Lauren Drobnjak Jane Nelsen Liz Barker-Aquino […]

Love Of Silence And Working Alone

knobless cylinders girl

The nature of the young child following natural and normal development is one that loves silence and working alone. Until children enter into a different stage of development, around the time that they lose their first tooth, this love of silence and working alone remains. The desire to be out in the community and working […]

Nurturing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Money doesn’t grow on trees. Parenting adage Financial security is one of the long-term goals parents wish for their children. Being financially secure has connotations of knowing how to make money, how to save money, and how to use money to help others. Financially secure suggests that we have a realistic expectation about the amount […]

Gardening: Teaching Children to Love The Earth

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If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Cicero (106 BC –43 BC) The look of wonder in a young child’s eyes reigns eternal, as the magic of a bean sprouting in a paper cup reveals itself. The bean emerging green from the earth begins a youngster’s understanding of a […]

See It In Your Child Video: Meeting The Goal Of Withdrawal

little girl crying

In the previous four articles in this series, we’ve considered a child’s need to belong, and how a child’s behavior is directed towards getting this emotional connection of belonging. To feel like they belong, children’s behavior is driven by four unconscious goals: contact, power, protection and withdrawal. Now, let’s consider how we can help our […]

Attachment To Reality

lunch China

The almost four-year-old boy visiting my classroom was wonderfully verbal. He had just given me a detailed explanation about his family’s move into their new home. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Batman,” he answered. “And what is your name when you’re not Batman?” I asked. “Bruce Wayne,” he answered.” His mother chuckled. “Isn’t that cute? […]

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Would you like to understand how children learn to read? Would you like to feel more confident about children’s reading progress? Want to know fun activities to assure reading success? Join me for this FREE webinar, Steps To Reading Success, on either of these three days: Tuesday, June 2 from 4 p.m. to  5:15 p.m. PDT/ 7 p.m. to […]

Balancing Parenthood

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Every now and then go away, Have a little relaxation, For when you come back to your work Your judgment will be surer; Since to remain constantly at work Will cause you to lose power of judgment. Go some distance away Because the work appears smaller And more of it Can be taken in at […]

Be The Best Parent

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Be The Best Parent You Can Be. They don’t teach you how to do that in “parenting school”. If only there were a parenting school, right? Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals… but there are people out there who devote their lives to discovering better parenting techniques and practices based on scientific research and […]

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