Removing Obstacles to Development


If we wanted to raft the Grand Canyon, how would we prepare for the trip? Depending on our experience level, we might arrange for a guide to navigate us down the river. We’d want to learn about the nature and force of the river. We would want to be familiar with dangerous parts of the […]

Sensitive Periods: Language Development Is Critical

sandpaper letters

From birth to six, children are in a critical period of language development, when the spoken word develops naturally.  Ninety percent of our adult conversational language is in place by the age of six.  If a child does not speak by age six, it is improbable that the child will acquire spoken, written or sign […]


Business handshake

In my chiropractor’s examining room, there is a poster of two hands reaching for a handshake with the title “Together”. The poster says:   OUR JOB See you as an individual Respect your privacy and your time Provide a comfortable office Explain procedures Monitor and report progress Show you ways to get and stay well […]

Breaking Away


“The finest inheritance you can give a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own two feet.”   Isadora Duncan “Don’t kiss me or hug me in public, Mom,” your child says as he or she wipes off your kiss. Affection that was freely given and accepted becomes an embarrassment […]

See It In Your Child Video: Meeting The Goal Of Contact


How can we encourage our children’s cooperation? In this video and accompanying article I’ll show you an effective communication tool to help you gain a child’s cooperation. This may be one of the best tips you’ll ever get!   This is the second in a five-part series on the child’s need to belong. Download the accompanying […]

Sensitive Periods: Understanding A Child’s Sense Of Order


Three-year-old Abby, was the perfect cheerful morning pre-school student with never a tear or a fret. Until the end of April. All week at dismissal she had begun to cry as soon as I opened the car door. Her mother was greeted with big sobs and screams of “You don’t love me.” Her mom was […]

The Difference Between Discipline and Punishment


“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”   Proverbs 22:6 “What is the difference between disciplining a child and punishing a child?” Jeff, father to a two-year-old, wrote in his email. “I don’t see any difference. Isn’t it the same thing?” There […]

Reading, Writing And Spelling Informational Series


Wow!  Where do I start? The response to my Kids Talk Children’s Literacy Series has been eye-opening. Hundreds of my Kids Talk readers (over 500 at last count!) have contacted me about how to help that special child in their lives who is floundering with reading, writing and spelling. To answer these questions, I put together a […]

The Truth About Tattle Tales


“Don’t be a tattle tale,” Jessica told her seven-year-old son, Eric. “But, Mom, it’s not fair. Tom threw the ball over the fence. He should get in trouble,” Eric said. “Your brother will have to figure out how to get his ball back. That’s the trouble he’s in,” Jessica told Eric. “But, Mom!” Eric replied. […]

Sensitive Periods: Three Period Lesson Aids Sensory Development

four chain

Between the ages of birth to four-and-a-half, children are in a sensitive period for refining their senses. Children at this age are capable of learning to discern hundreds of qualities of the things around them. Perfect pitch is acquired before the age of six. Too often adults stop giving information after certain basics are mastered. […]