Teaching Values

teaching values

”Do you teach values?” a telephone caller asked. Back in the early 90’s parents were upset that values were being taught in school. Controversy brewed and bubbled. Do you teach values? The question caught me off guard. How can you not teach values, I thought, because of the very nature of values? Whether we are […]

Letting Children Learn From Mistakes

letting children learn from mistakes

Warm summer days remind me of my first cooking experiences. The summer I was six I longed to make cookies. The neighbor girl had an Easybake oven, and we made unsatisfying miniscule cakes from baby boxes. I yearned to cook real food from a recipe. Dreaming of a fabulous from-scratch concoction I raided my mother’s […]

Transforming Your School Families Into Dream Families


School Leaders, Are you concerned about connecting and engaging with the new families in your school? Are you looking for the steps to help you create your ideal school community? Please join me at 3:30 PM /6:30 PM Eastern Thursday, August 4, for this FREE one-hour webinar, Transforming School Families Into Dream Families. In this […]

And They Call It Veggie Love

Cute little boy is sitting on the floor with basket full of vegetables, isolated over white

When do we learn to love vegetables? For most of us, it is usually before the age of seven. During the first six years of life children are in a sensitive period of learning that involves refining the senses, which includes, of course, taste and smell. Introduce new foods ten times. Presenting a variety of […]

Dealing With ADHD In Your School

Group Of Children Playing In Park

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 20 at 12 noon Pacific/ 3 PM Eastern. That’s when I’ll be giving my webinar, Dealing With ADHD In Your School. This webinar is given in conjunction with the Trillium Montessori Summer Summit as part of the Administrators track. Registration is open through July 22, 2016 with access to […]

You Asked For Another Session: Helping Parents “Get” Montessori

four chain

School leaders contacted me about missing my webinar that explained my parent support program, Seeing Your Child The Montessori Way.  Are you a school leader concerned about helping your school families “understand” Montessori?    On Thursday, July 28, I’m presenting a 45-minute webinar on Helping Parents “Get” Montessori. In this free webinar you’ll learn about: […]

Relight the Candle

relight candle

Five-year-old Tommy walked over to his mother, Judy. ”Write my name for me, Mommy.” ”Tommy, you know how to write your name.” ”But I don’t ‘member,” he said. Tommy’s mother, Judy, phoned me, near tears, about this conversation. Judy’s concern was that Tommy had forgotten something as seemingly simple as the three letters in Tom. […]

The Stressed-Out Child

stressed-out child

“My seven-year-old daughter says she’s stressed-out. But what kid isn’t stressed-out nowadays?” my dentist said. As I lay there mouth opened, unable to speak, I thought about my dentist’s daughter and other stressed out kids. Seven seems young to say you’re stressed-out. Maybe ninety-seven is too young to say you’re stressed-out. Are kids more stressed-out […]

Some Help For Summer Planning

summertime montesssori professional development

It’s summertime! For me, summertime means the luxury of time to think and plan. Set me up with a glass of ice tea on the porch, my yellow note pad, and a blue ink pen and I’m ready to plan how to make the next school year better. To help you with your planning, I’ve […]

Join In The Montessori Summer Summit

Montessori Summer Summit

Here’s the online Montessori summer event you’ll want to attend! Trillium Montessori Summer Summit has something for everybody–parent, teacher, school administrator. Great speakers, relevant topics, wonderful gifts, a virtual exhibit hall, easy and affordable access. Best of all, you don’t have to leave home to attend! For more information or to register, please click here. Hope […]