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Dealing With Difficult BehaviorsDealing With Difficult Behaviors In Your School and Classrooms

In this 45-minute session you’ll learn about strategies that can make a difference for your entire school right away.

helping children learn to listenHelping Children Learn To Listen

In my many years of working with young children, there is one question I hear frequently from parents and teachers:

How do I get children to listen to me?

what about kindergartenWhat About Kindergarten? A Montessori Perspective

How can we show parents the importance of the third year of our programs for children 3 to 6 years old?

Because the third year is truly a leap year!

how to become a better observerHow To Become A Better Observer

In this information-packed session you’ll find out…

  • Why we aren’t better observers
  • Obstacles that stand in our way
  • How to overcome these obstacles

Planning For Summer Fun WebinarPlanning For Summer Fun

Are you concerned about having enough activities to full up the entire summer?

At home and at school?

understanding how children learn to readUnderstanding How Children Learn To Read

In 40 minutes you’ll find out about… 

  • Skills essential to reading success
  • Common developmental obstacles
  • Why one important skill is often overlooked
  • How you can help, all in a FUN way!

how to help with spellingHow To Help With Spelling

In 30 minutes you’ll find out about… 

  • Two important skills needed to be a good speller
  • Seven major obstacles that can keep any of us from becoming a good speller.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can help with spelling.

living life unpluggedLiving Life Unplugged

How does our interdependence on the human created super structure of internet technology affect our humanity?

How does technology affect our children’s natural and normal development, development that has been closely connected to nature since the beginning of time?