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When you register for any Kids Talk Online Workshop I’ll send a monthly invitation to join me for a complimentary personal strategy session.

Each month I’ll choose participants from the workshops to join me for a private one-hour chat.

We can use regular phone service, Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype or some other service that works for both of us.

We’ll visit at a mutually agreeable day and time.

Also, you can have the maximum number of participants on your end of the call that the platform you choose allows.

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What Workshop Participants Are Saying…

Thank you for the valuable one-on-one discussion we had. After that I practiced and put in place a working system for my child as you suggested and found it works. I appreciate your clarity in communicating your insightful advise to our situation. It was relevant, respectful and educational in many ways.

I am a new Montessori teacher and have now taken a couple of courses with Maren. It’s great to have such a great resource available and she even personally answered my questions!