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FREE Monthly Training

free monthly webinars

Once a month I host a free video training. These sessions are short and information-packed with downloadable handouts and booklets. I do hope you’ll join me. My format is now an instant process, no waiting around! That means that you have instant access to the training as soon as you register. Each instant training will […]

What’s Scary About School?

what's scary about school bus

As the first day of preschool or kindergarten approaches, some children feel anticipation and excitement, while others are anxiety-filled. Here are situations that your child might find fearful about going to school. Separation. If your child enjoys new situations and adjusts quickly to unaccustomed people and places, going to school probably won’t be a scary […]

Getting Ready For Preschool

getting ready for preschool

Mornings are cooler. The sun rises later. The excitement of school beginning wafts in the air. These are my memories when school started in mid-September. In two or three weeks, school resumes, and for many young children, it will be their first school experience. The first day of preschool or kindergarten is probably more traumatic […]

Beware The Age Of Rudeness

beware the age of rudeness

“Ever since Jill started first grade, she’s become louder, messier, and not as kind as she was in kindergarten. I think her first grade classroom must be the reason she is the way she is,” Jill’s mother, Paula, said. Susan, a former kindergarten and first-grade teacher, smiled. “Paula, I heard this every year. What’s happening […]

The Steps To Reading

steps to reading

“It’s just a miracle!” parents exclaim. “Our son is five years old and he’s reading.” When children begin to read, it does seem miraculous. Remember when your child began to talk? It seemed as if one day she couldn’t say a word and the next day she could, then you could never get her to […]

Marjorie Shaughnessy

I am grateful for all of your many insights! I joyfully pass these along to parents to address a particular need. Our Preschool enjoys gathering in circle when they hear (your song)  “I feel happy, happy, happy…” The song calls them together and sets the environment for our pledge to the flag, followed by “God Bless America” and morning prayers and more singing!! The Catechesis […]

Reading Begins At Birth

reading begins at birth

Avoid the trap of thinking that the road to reading for your child will begin in kindergarten. Parents tell me, “Oh, I’m too busy. I’ll just let my child learn to read in first grade.” For many children important skills for reading are not developed at the time of their lives when it is the […]

Sherel Hersch

Maren–this is great! I was a “traditional” kindergarten teacher before I had kids so I always enjoy learning about education. Before I had children, I was only vaguely informed about Montessori education. I chose the school because it was different from what I did at home & thought it would be a great complement. I […]

Gaining Cooperation

Gaining cooperation

“How many times have I told you…?” How would you complete the sentence? Perhaps one or several of these: Shut the door. Remember your lunch. Wash your hands. Set the table for dinner. Walk in the house. The list goes on and on. When we feel that our children are not listening to us—they become […]