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Do you wish you had effective ways to resolve conflict with your children?

Do you dream of building loving and trusting relationships, but disagreements get in the way?

Are you frustrated when situations seem to blow up and out of control?

Only $87.00

In this workshop you’ll learn how to successfully work through situations at home, at school, and at work.

In this 90-minute online workshop you’ll learn:

  • Trusted problem solving techniques that work with young children and adults
  • Why it is vital to “work with” our children instead of “doing to” our children
  • The single biggest obstacle to problem solving and how to avoid it
  • Tips on how to get to win-win in most situations

You’ll leave this workshop with three ways to problem solve with others, and be ready to start using these three problem solving tools right away.

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Please join me for this information filled session to help you learn tools that will help you foster respectful communication with children and adults…for a lifetime.

This workshop is on-demand, online and available to you 24/7.

Register now and you’ll be taking the course in minutes.

You have ongoing access to this course.

Also, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Need CEC’s or CEU’s?

A two-hour certificate of attendance for continuing education requirements is available upon completion of the workshop.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at

HElping children learn to listen

Kids Talk Workshops


What Workshop Participants Are Saying…

I am a new Montessori teacher and have now taken a couple of courses with Maren. It’s great to have such a great resource available and she even personally answered my questions!

Maren, I just had to share that after working with our parents on the 5 step-problem solving process, one mother and I got together and used it with her little boy who was having a hard time releasing her each morning to come into class (even though he LOVED it once he was there!)

Turns out, the little boy was happy to help us with our problem and had a GREAT idea to place a heart-shaped rock on a table where he could pick it up each morning and take it directly to his cubby. We agreed that we would try it and the next morning it went off without even the slightest inkling of an issue!

The mom and I had to really close our mouths as they were hanging open with surprise…Ever since, this little 3-year-old is happy to walk in sans mommy! Thank you so much!

Congratulations for the job well done with your workshops. It’s easy to follow, great quality of videos, clear instructions, clear mp3 recordings, great reading materials and great online support.

Honestly, the online workshop is amazing because I have no time pressure, no stress of language barrier because I can always paused and replay the video as many times as I like. It’s the best method of learning for a non-native speaker like me.

I will definitely recommend your workshops to other parents because I simply love it.

Helping children learn to listen