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Earlier this year I reopened one of my Kids Talk Workshops, Unscramble Spelling, after revamping it. I was curious to see if there would be any interest in the course, as it had been closed for over two years. 

The response was favorable, so I’ve revamped three other courses, just in time to help out for summer. 

Here’s some highlights of these four courses:

Montessori teachers workshop reading

Helping children learn to read can be fun! In this seven-hour course you’ll learn how to step-by-step to teach a child how to read using songs, games and more.

The course is filled with downloadable materials and shows you how to know exactly what to teach at each stage of learning over a three year period.  Learn more.

Montessori teachers workshop spelling

In Unscramble Spelling you’ll learn how to teach your 6-to-14-year-old the basics of becoming an excellent speller, which leads to becoming an excellent reader and writer.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn the basics of a program that has helped thousands of children. With over eight weeks of follow on, you’ll get everything you need to implement this program. Used by schools and homeschoolers.  Learn more.

Montessori teachers workshop problem solving

In this workshop you’ll learn how to use three key problem solving tools that work with children and adults. As I say, these tools work in the playroom, the schoolroom and the boardroom.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of these three tools in about 90 minutes. Plus you’ll have follow-up for four weeks to help you remember to use them when the time is right!  Learn more.

Montessori teacher workshop observation

One of the skills of effective teaching, and perhaps the most important, is observation. Like any art, strong observational skills can take years to develop.

This workshop focuses on using observational techniques the Montessori way, yet considers the needs of classroom teachers, in both Montessori and traditional settings.

Discover the secrets of becoming a skillful observer in 90 minutes. Learn more.

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Check out our complimentary courses, too. 

Hope to see you in a Kids Talk Workshop soon!


Maren Schmidt

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