Secrets of Observation

sectrets of observation

Do you want to help children overcome their learning obstacles?

Are you ready to read the road signs of on-track development?

Have you ever wished for the proverbial eyes in the back of your head?

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While modern science now supports Montessori teaching and learning techniques, there is still an art to being a great teacher. One of these skills of effective teaching, and perhaps the most important, is observation.

Like any art, strong observational skills can take years to develop.

Join me TODAY to discover the secrets of becoming a skillful observer. This workshop focuses on using observational techniques the Montessori way, and considers the needs of classroom teachers, in both Montessori and traditional settings. Parents may also find this session inspiring as well.

secrets of observationIn this 90-minute workshop you’ll learn the following:

  • Why it is vital to observe
  • How to recognize off-track development
  • When to get the most accurate observations
  • The four road signs of healthy development
  • What negative emotions indicate
  • The important reason to observe (and it may not be what you think!)

You’ll leave this workshop with tools and techniques to help you view children’s activity in fresh and powerful ways.

About the Workshop

  • This workshop is on-demand, online and available to you 24/7.
  • Register now and you’ll be taking the course in minutes.
  • You’ll also have on-going access to this course.
  • You’ll get great handouts.
  • You can ask me questions all along the way.
  • Also, you have a 60-day money-back back guarantee

Need CEUs or CECs?

A two-hour certificate of attendance for continuing education requirements is available at the end of the workshop.

Have questions? 

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Kids Talk Workshops

secrets of observationWhat Workshop Participants Are Saying…

Hats off to you, Maren, for making the Montessori philosophy come alive for parents and refreshed for teachers, and administrators. I have enjoyed every session and look forward to making the programs available for my staff and school community as pre-training, orientation, and parent education. Thanks for a light hearted and fun learning opportunity that brings great value to the Montessori community.

I want to thank you for the wonderfully encouraging newsletters that I find on a regular basis in my inbox.  I am saving every single one of them.  I tell my parents and teachers alike to subscribe to them, they are that helpful.  Please know that this is such a valuable contribution to us as we work to help the younger generation find their place in this world they live in.

I love the online workshops, too.  I hope you will continue to contribute to our efforts.  You have very interesting and challenging insights on the many facets of  “Life in the Montessori Classroom.”

While I love learning and taking classes in general, completing professional development courses was often a chore and the material too basic and irrelevant to my work as a Montessori educator. I was so thrilled when I came across Maren Schmidt’s course offerings and now I take advantage of her insightful online courses, newsletters and webinars.  I always find myself taking copious notes and applying what I’ve learned immediately to my toddler environment.

I also forward and post her Kids Talk Newsletters so my student’s parents can benefit from her practical knowledge backed by experience and education.  Maren is smart, funny and helpful I tell all my teacher friends to take advantage of her offerings.

How To Become A Better Observer