WEBINAR | The Child’s Need to Belong

when we belong we're important

Welcome! Glad to have you here.

This training consists of five short videos.

As I’ve taught this information over the years, I realize that this idea of the child’s unconscious goals to belong introduces totally new concepts to many people.

If you wish to watch all the videos in one sitting, please do.

For most people, watching and absorbing this content over five days, or longer, seems preferable.

Over the next five days I’ll send you emails with the link to this page.

Each video has an action guide and I recommend those guides.

As always, please feel free to ask me a question (or two!).

Email me at maren@marenschmidt.com with your questions.

Video 1 | The Child’s Need To Belong

Video 2 | Meeting The Goal Of Contact

Video 3 | Meeting The Goal Of Power

Video 4 | Meeting The Goal Of Protection

Video 5 | Meeting The Goal Of Withdrawal