Learning To Lead And Follow

learning to lead and follow

The adult is the most important part of a child’s environment. We may fill a child’s space with all kinds of learning activities. We may be able to give a child all types of advantages. What becomes significant, too often in hindsight, is the quality of the adults as being the indicator of a how […]

Life Is Mysterious, Be Curious

Life Is mysterious Be Curious

In our efforts to help our children and ourselves become better, we need to avoid the pat answer trap. We may get tired of answering our children’s questions, but we need to guard against dampening natural enthusiasm and curiosity for life. Asking questions, especially why, leads us to grow—intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Asking questions […]

Potential Is A Stretch

potential is a stretch

Potential is about possibilities. It is the distance from where we are to where we want to go. To reach our potential, our undeveloped promise, is always a stretch. Everyday we have to be reaching for the next step, making the next decision, committing to the next action. That takes courage. “One isn’t necessarily born […]