Tineke Ripping

I have been a faithful follower of your weekly newsletter for 10 years and find your style of communication really effective. Just a little bit every week with some theory and practice included. Always so relevant to anyone dealing with little children. Your support of new parents and young families is a great contribution to […]

Marjorie Shaughnessy

I am grateful for all of your many insights! I joyfully pass these along to parents to address a particular need. Our Preschool enjoys gathering in circle when they hear (your song)  “I feel happy, happy, happy…” The song calls them together and sets the environment for our pledge to the flag, followed by “God Bless America” and morning prayers and more singing!! The Catechesis […]

Marie Conti

Your Kids Talk Newsletter provides quick, easy-to-read and digest bits of advice and info that I look forward to. I have shared your columns with parents and teachers in my school and adult learners in the Montessori teacher education program where I am an instructor. I have also encouraged all of them to subscribe so […]