AMI Bulletin, Fall 2009

The book also helps put right some of the many (often perpetuated) misconceptions about what Montessori is and isn’t. Some Montessori principles are highlighted all testifying to the fact that the approach is much more than teaching. Topics such as the environment, the absence of grading, homework, etc. are addressed.

Trevor Eissler

One unique aspect of this book is a thorough checklist of what to look for when first visiting a school. Often parents are overwhelmed when observing classrooms and meeting the principal and/or teachers. It’s hard to know what to be aware of and what questions to ask without any prior experience. Schmidt expertly guides prospective […]

Montessori Insights

What makes this book stand out from other Montessori books for parents is that it focuses on the principles and offers information so that you, the parent, can make informed choices and decisions about your child and Montessori education.

Jim Fitzpatrick

An essential resource for every Montessori school…(a) basis for ongoing discussions within Montessori school communities, parent education programs and events.

Lorna McGrath

What a fabulous wealth of easy-to-read and understand information about the illusive Montessori approach to learning. This is a must read for all parents and guardians who have their children in Montessori schools or who are considering placing them in Montessori school.