Samantha Tan

Thank you for the valuable one-on-one discussion we had. After that I practiced and put in place a working system for my child as you suggested and found it works. I appreciate your clarity in communicating your insightful advise to our situation. It was relevant, respectful and educational in many ways.

Missy Patten

I am a Montessori Primary Teacher in Colorado. Your guidance, knowledge, and loving wisdom are so important for parents and teachers. I look forward to all your beautiful insight into the mind, body and spirit of all developing children of all ages. As a parent of teenagers, your words speak to me as a guide […]

Lourdes Gándara de S.

Thank you, Maren Schmidt, for this year’s helping our families through tough times, giving us skills to understand children’s ways…You have no idea how Understanding Montessori has helped not only my children, but also understanding myself and the people I love.

Christy Deegan

Seeing Your Child The Montessori Way

The information you provide helps me rethink and challenge my approach with my children. Your ideas are so logical and practical that they ‘just make sense’. Thanks for your insight and help!

Betty Hastings

I am a new Montessori teacher and have now taken a couple of courses with Maren. It’s great to have such a great resource available and she even personally answered my questions!