Mary Peterson

observation secrets

I loved this workshop! I have always enjoyed observing the children, but your ten secrets will definitely make for a more informed method for observation. I intend to review my notes regularly until they are embedded in my mind! Thank you so much.

Julie Davis

While I love learning and taking classes in general, completing professional development courses was often a chore and the material too basic and irrelevant to my work as a Montessori educator. I was so thrilled when I came across Maren Schmidt’s course offerings and now I take advantage of her insightful online courses, newsletters and […]

Erlene Weldon

I want to thank you for the wonderfully encouraging newsletters that I find on a regular basis in my inbox.  I am saving every single one of them.  I tell my parents and teachers alike to subscribe to them, they are that helpful.  Please know that this is such a valuable contribution to us as […]

Norma Morris

Hats off to you, Maren, for making the Montessori philosophy come alive for parents and refreshed for teachers, and administrators. I have enjoyed every session and look forward to making the programs available for my staff and school community as pre-training, orientation, and parent education. Thanks for a light hearted and fun learning opportunity that brings great value to the Montessori […]