Amanda Walton

Thank you for a great session! After 7 years as a Montessori family, I found that I still learned new things and will certainly be applying some of the strategies suggested as we parent our two elementary aged daughters to adulthood.

Samantha Tan

I have taken the tailored-made workshop for our school and finished within six weeks. It was very thought-provoking and one of the best material I have ever come across in terms of parenting with Montessori principles. There are still plenty to learn even though my daughter has been in Montessori environment for over 4 years. […]

Sherel Hersch

Maren–this is great! I was a “traditional” kindergarten teacher before I had kids so I always enjoy learning about education. Before I had children, I was only vaguely informed about Montessori education. I chose the school because it was different from what I did at home & thought it would be a great complement. I […]