Alison Harris

Thank you so much for this workshop! It has reminded me of why I loved the Montessori Method in the first place…thinking outside the box about children and education. I will be working to implement what I have learned in the classroom, and no doubt I will be asking questions along the way. Each time […]

Leigh Rosner

This has been eye opening for me! Thank you for helping unlock this spelling mystery! We have spent so much money on various curriculums and seen very little results. My oldest daughter is gifted with imagination and strong vocabulary and loves to write stories, but her spelling is so inventive that they are sometimes hard […]

Julie Davis

While I love learning and taking classes in general, completing professional development courses was often a chore and the material too basic and irrelevant to my work as a Montessori educator. I was so thrilled when I came across Maren Schmidt’s course offerings and now I take advantage of her insightful online courses, newsletters and […]

Erlene Weldon

I want to thank you for the wonderfully encouraging newsletters that I find on a regular basis in my inbox.  I am saving every single one of them.  I tell my parents and teachers alike to subscribe to them, they are that helpful.  Please know that this is such a valuable contribution to us as […]