See It In Your Child Video: Meeting The Goal Of Protection

Meeting The Goal Of Protection

In previous sessions we talked about the child’s need to belong, and how a child’s behavior is directed towards getting this emotional connection of belonging.

We’ve talked about how a child’s behavior is driven by four unconscious goals: contact, power, protection and withdrawal.

Let’s look now at how we can help our children in meeting the goal of protection.

Time to put this into action!

Think of a recent high emotion incident with your child.

How was it related to your child not meeting the goal of protection and thus belonging?

Write out the 4 steps you could have used to accept and respect your child’s feeling in that moment.

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  1. I want to say thank you for your wonderful piece of advice. “I wish I’d have a small fluffy toy dog with a collar and a silver bone. And on the collar I wish it’d be written I’m Sofie’s dog!” I told Sofie. In no time she became very peaceful. It’s just a miracle how accepting feelings and giving wishes in fantasy work!


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