Dealing With ADHD In Your School

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 20 at 12 noon Pacific/ 3 PM Eastern.

That’s when I’ll be giving my webinar, Dealing With ADHD In Your School.

This webinar is given in conjunction with the Trillium Montessori Summer Summit as part of the Administrators track.

Registration is open through July 22, 2016 with access to the summit replays for one year.

In Dealing With ADHD In Your School:

  • You’ll hear about two resources for behavior and skills training that help parents and teachers work together for the child’s benefit.
  • You’ll see a simple yet effective strategy to help you clearly communicate expectations for behavior in your classrooms and school.
  • You’ll learn about three communication tools that can help you create more peaceful classrooms and schools.
  • Plus I’ll share with you the essential Montessori principles that must be implemented consistently throughout your school if you are to deal effectively with difficult behaviors.

Montessori Summer SummitThe Trillium Montessori Summit has something for everyone-parents, teachers and school administrators.

Each day the Summit hosts three webinars–one for parents, one for teachers, one for school administrators.

Purchase a track or buy access to the entire Summit.

The cost for the Trillium Montessori Summer Summit is $69 for the entire 4 days/12 webinars…


$25 per track.

There are three tracks, one for parents, one for administrators and one for teachers.

Look at this great line-up!

Monday, July 18, 2016

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with Kathryn Kvols

Adaptive Leadership

with Jonathan Wolff

Making The Most Of The Moveable Alphabet

with Cathie Perolman

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Choosing Montessori

with Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Creating Your School’s Disaster Plan

with RB Fast


with Kelly Johnson

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Parent Montessori-Style

with Simone Davies

Dealing With ADHD In Your School

with Maren Schmidt 

Musically Montessori

with Carolyn Lucento 

 Thursday, July 21, 2016

Montessori From The Start

with Pamela Green

Teacher To Trailblazer

with Seemi Abdullah

Get Ready For Back To School

with Seemi Abdullah

Hope to see you there!


8 Responses to “Dealing With ADHD In Your School”

  1. Janet Riddel

    I am working this week and cannot log on to the summit during the day. If I register would I be able to listen to the web casts at my convenience?

  2. Lisa Hernandez

    Hi Maren,
    I am always excited to learn from you. I signed up for the teacher track, and realized that I am not going to get the class on ADHD. I thought for sure that would have been under the teacher track. I was wondering if I could switch to the parent track if possible as I believe that may be more helpful as a teacher and a parent. (I am an Upper El. Teacher.)
    Sigh… I read the info late at night and wanted to sign up quickly as I know you have already started lectures.


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