Join Me In Portland, OR

join me in Portland Or

Join me in Portland, Oregon on Friday, January 13, and Saturday, January 14 for an evening talk and all-day workshop.

It’s hard to get me to leave Hawaii but the Oregon Montessori Association convinced me to share some workshop aloha in Portland.

Would love for you to be there!

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Friday, January 13 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Portland Baha’i Center 
8720 N Ivanhoe Street
Portland, OR

In this session we’ll look at how children’s misbehavior is often perceived.

There is an important dynamic, often hidden, that drives human behavior.

When we are involved in conflict with children it may be easy to overlook this motivation.

What is that motivation?

Personal needs.

Children’s actions are judged as misbehaviors when those behaviors come into conflict with the desires of parents and other adults. What we judge or perceive to be misbehaviors are actually a child’s efforts to have their needs met.

In this session you’ll learn…

  • Why behavior is need driven.
  • How fundamental human needs drive child and adult development.
  • Strategies to get to win/win in your relationships with children and others.

With this information you’ll begin to see children’s behavior in a new light, with confidence to implement new relationship building tools.

Join me for an inspiring evening to strengthen your relationships with children.

Cost:  $25 per ticket

2 hours of professional development available


Exploring Difficult Behaviors

In Our Schools And Classrooms

Saturday, January 14, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Portland Baha’i Center 
8720 N Ivanhoe Street
Portland, OR

What are the most disruptive behaviors in your classroom?

  • Non-compliance?
  • Oppositionalism?
  • Temper Tantrums?
  • Interrupting?
  • Whining?
  • Inattention?
  • Dawdling?
  • Poor performance?

In this workshop you will …

  • Examine two skill-training resources that enable parents and teachers to work together.
  • Explore strategies to clearly communicate behavior expectations.
  • Learn and practice skills to create a peaceful classroom.
  • Examine essential Montessori principles to help prevent difficult behaviors.
  • Leave ready to implement these new strategies and tools.

Join us for an inspiring day of skill building to strengthen your relationships with children and families.

Cost:  $110 members / $135 non-members
Lunch Included

5 hours Professional Development
(Step 2 pending – Understanding & Guiding Behavior)


Discounted Hotel Accommodations available for Friday night.

The Silver Cloud Inn

2426 NW Vaughn St.

Portland, OR 97210


Mention Oregon Montessori Association.

Hotel Reservation deadline December 23rd.

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