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free series empowering kids now

It’s not easy being a kid in today’s world. There’s a lot of pressure, social and academic. Some kids get bullied, or are bullies. Some kids have anxiety or depression.

What if you could make a difference by learning cutting edge solutions to empower the kids in your family or community to feel happy, healthy, and strong from the inside out, so they can reach their full potential and create a positive shift in our world?

My friend Jill Hope is on a mission to empower kids with greater confidence and healthy emotional intelligence, and that is why she created the Empowering Kids Now Global Summit 2018. This free 21 day online event will teach you how to build social/emotional wellness and self-empowerment in kids aged 8-14 so they can shine!

This event was created for Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Coaches…anyone who wants to make a difference for kids. It features interviews with over 30 leading experts (I’m excited to be one of them!), including personal development leaders, holistic and alternative practitioners, authors, doctors, and psychologists, all sharing cutting edge ideas and strategies on what is working now to cultivate inner confidence and resilience in kids given the challenges of growing up in today’s world.

Join us to learn cutting edge strategies you can use to empower kids from the inside out.


free series empower kids now

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