BOOK REVIEW: The Donnie Learns Series

Cover Donnie Learns To Make A Friend

This spring I was introduced to a series of books that I think are important. The series? The Donnie Learns Series by Terrence Tullgren.

Tullgren initially designed these books to be coloring books with a message for children. The black and white pencil illustrations feel retro and, for me, made me think of my own childhood and the lessons I learned by being in nature and interacting with my friends and family.

I see this series, not as coloring books, but as read aloud books for younger children, ages 3 to 6. For elementary aged children, 6 to 9, these books make early readers with important social skill lessons.

In Donnie Learns How To Make Friends, Donnie, by watching deer, learns that making eye contact and having a warm smiling face is the first step in making a new friend.

Donnie Learns To Be Grateful, offers a warm story about how gratefulness is an important human quality that makes life more rewarding. Donnie also learns that writing a thank you note can make a difference.

In Donnie Learns To Take Responsibility For His Actions, Donnie gets in a hurry and pushes his friend, Billy, off the school bus.  Donnie actions result in Billy being hurt badly and having to go to the hospital. Find out how Donnie makes amends.

I invite you to take a look at these books, for home or for the classroom.  One or all may be exactly what the child in your life needs to begin learning a necessary social skill.

Donnie Learns To Take Responsibility

Other titles in this seven-part series include:

Donnie Learns Self Love

Donnie Learns The Value Of Time

Donnie Learns The Value of Earning

Donnie Learns To Do What He Say

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