FREE WEBINAR: Creating Your DREAM Community

Creating Your DREAM Community

Are you a school leader concerned about building your ideal school community?

Please join me for this 50-minute “instant” webinar on Creating Your DREAM Community. 

In this free webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why creating and communicating a clear vision of your dream school community is the first step to transforming “customer” families into partner families, families who understand and value the difference of a Montessori education.
  • Some of the best practices in connecting and engaging with your school community members.
  • Five steps to systematically transform your school community into your dream community.

Register now to watch this instant 50-minute webinar so you can find out more about the opportunities for creating your DREAM community. 

Rather listen?

You can download an mp3 on the webinar page.

Plus you’ll receive a gift and a special offer in this session.

See you in the webinar in a jiffy!

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