Herding Cats?

As a school leader we deal with lots of different personalities from youngsters to adults. 

Trying to meet a variety of needs…no wonder we might feel like we are herding cats.

There are some similarities in guiding adults and children.  

Perhaps when we can focus on those similarities we can play to our strengths.

Working well with children is usually one factor in our choosing to be a school leader. 

When situations get tense, remember to use those skills you know that work with children.

When we have people who lack skills:

With children we focus on observing what they know and what they need to learn. 

We can do the same with adults.

When we have conflict: 

With children we teach conflict resolution skills. 

We can guide adults to resolve issues on their own. 

When we see a lack of initiative and independence:

With children we offer opportunities to learn self-help skills. 

We can help staff learn to be more self-sufficient. 

When we see inappropriate behavior:

With children we redirect them to suitable behavior.

With adults, we can coach them to meet our expectations for their on-the-job behavior.

When our expectations are not met:

With children we focus on what is age appropriate.

With adults, we offer clear job descriptions along with the expectations and consequences of not meeting requirements. 

Good management skills are good management skills with either children or adults. 

Remember to use your skills to get everyone moving in the direction you desire.

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