Overcoming Obstacles To Success

Overcoming Obstacles To Success

As we work with adults we often wonder why our expectations or standards aren’t being met. We believe in assuring success for children. 

  How can we assure success for adults?

Success usually requires more of the following:

  • Skills and training 
  • Experience 
  • Time to get the job done
  • Support from others
  • Materials 
  • Confidence 
  • Desire or motivation to do the work

To help adults overcome these obstacles we can: 


Listen for understanding. Ask questions to clarify your understanding of the situation. It will help you see each person’s challenges and needs.
Ask yourself: What does this person need to be successful? 

Offer clear expectations.

Give as explicit instruction as possible. Paint a picture of your vision. Give clear direction.

 Offer choices.

Whenever possible, offer staff and families choices.Do you want to meet on Thursday, or Friday?

 Give individual coaching.

Offer one-on-one time via phone calls, lunches, working together in the classroom or on projects. A couple of minutes with you can make a difference to that person’s level of confidence. 

Be patient.

It’s rare to get it right the first time. As staff and families are learning new skills and routines, make sure you have given clear direction. 

Offer learning opportunities.

From workshops to suggesting a book or a contact person, point to the next step. 

Acknowledge that change and growth are not easy.

Changing routines is hard. Understand that there are strong feelings about changing an established pattern of behavior. 

Step up and help.

When someone is floundering, step in to help before feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated create discouragement. 

Create a safe place to allow honest open communication.

Teach problem solving techniques so that everyone in your organization feels comfortable saying that “the emperor has no clothes” and can work together to find a solution. 

Offer your support to assure success for children…and adults.

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