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Just in time for summer!

I love to write and I love to help elementary-aged children make that break-through to the point where they, too, love to write.

Karen Benke’s book, Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing, is a wonderful resource to encourage summer writing fun.

With over 200 pages of writing ideas, I would have demolished this book when I was a nine or ten-year-old.

Actually, I’m having a jolly time right now trying out some of the creative writing experiments, such as:

  • What’s Inside? You Decide! on page 44
  • Baseball Lingo on page 109
  • Shape-Shifting on page 137

If you are looking for a project starter for the budding wordsmith in your life, take a look at Rip The Page.

And you might want to get a copy for yourself, too.

Visit Karen Benke’s website for more information.

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