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living life unplugged
  • How does our interdependence on the human created super structure of internet technology affect our humanity?  
  • How does technology affect our children’s natural and normal development, development that has been closely connected to nature since the beginning of time? 
  • How can we use our technology wisely to help us maximize what it means to be human?

Ten years ago our concern as parents and teachers was more about television usage.

Now with phones and tablets we have difficulty unplugging and disconnecting from our electronic world.  Beeps and tweets are headed toward us 24 hours a day.

What does this all mean in terms of our children’s overall development? 

Please join me for this 15-minute instant webinar, Living Life Unpluggedas we examine how today’s technology is affecting childhood development.

In this webinar we’ll look at the critical periods of child development and how our technology is affecting our children’s natural and normal development.

We’ll consider children’s brain development and how our technology usage may be creating learning challenges.

A child’s brain grows in response to the child’s environment.  What is happening inside our children’s brains with today’s technology?

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