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2024 Childhood Potential

The Childhood Potential Online Montessori Conference 2024 is coming up January 29 – February 2 and I’m excited to be one of the speakers.

I’ll be speaking on the first day on Building Brains the Montessori Way.

This conference is not just an event, it’s a five-day festival of learning and inspiration! Each day is a treasure trove of insights, tailored to spark your curiosity and energize your Montessori journey.

Here’s a peek at what you will get when you get your FREE TICKET and attend!

Day 1: Montessori Foundations

Kick off the conference with a deep dive into Montessori theory, philosophy, and the intricacies of early childhood development. Perfect for both new enthusiasts and seasoned practitioners, this day promises to enrich your appreciation of the Montessori method.

Day 2: Prepared Environment & Activities

Discover how to create nurturing and stimulating environments, both at home and in the classroom. Learn about Montessori-aligned activities and practical ways to extend learning beyond the traditional setting. This session is invaluable for those aiming to provide a holistic learning experience.

Day 3: The Prepared Adult

Explore the critical role of adults in the Montessori setting. Engage in introspective discussions about personal growth, continuous education, and self-care. This day reminds us that teaching is also a journey of self-discovery and personal development.

Day 4: Communication and Discipline

Focus on social-emotional development with fresh perspectives on positive discipline. Strengthen the child-adult connection with practical approaches for challenging behaviors and foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Day 5: Empowering Communities and Looking Forward

Look to the future with discussions on team collaboration in classrooms, effective parent-teacher partnerships, and innovations in Montessori education. This day is about inspiration and forward-thinking, perfect for those committed to shaping a better educational world.

And to give you even more, there is also a Pre-Conference Warm-Up:

Join LiveTalk sessions starting January 22nd. These interactive sessions serve as a perfect introduction to the enriching experiences awaiting you during the conference week. 

January 22nd – How to Raise an Amazing Child: Navigating Montessori at Home with Tim Seldin.

January 23rd – Exploring the Foundations of Montessori with Sylvia Arotin.

January 25th – The Art of Observation: Selecting the Perfect Activities for Your Child with Simone Davies.

These sessions are a great opportunity to delve into Montessori concepts, interact with experts, and join a community of enthusiastic learners before the main event begins.

Are you in?

Hope to see you there!


Maren Schmidt

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