Three Gifts of the Human Being

three gifts of the human being

From birth we are given at least three gifts to create positive change in our lives. When these gifts are nurtured, we can become the creative force in our own lives. The gifts allow us to become the writer, the director and the actor in the production called ”Our Life.”


From the beginning, choice is a part of our human make-up. It is this innate ability to choose that which leads us to positive growth and happiness. Between stimulus, what happens to us, and response, how we act, there is a space. Contained in that space is our freedom and our power to choose our response to any circumstance.

The more we practice choosing, the more confident we become in our ability to make positive decisions that lead to a life well-lived. Having the ability to choose is given to us, and we always have a choice for our response. We strengthen our skill by exercising our gift of being able to choose. It is with our choices that we write our script.

Natural laws and universal principles.

The natural laws and universal principles that govern our lives are another present given to us. These laws and principles direct our lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

There are physical laws, such as gravity, the rotation of the earth and the earth’s motion around the sun, to name only a few.

Principles of human behavior, such as kindness, respect, honesty, personal integrity and service to mankind, operate constantly in every culture on our planet.

Physical laws guide our actions because we cannot change the forces that are exerted on us. We choose to ignore the force of gravity at our own peril. We can’t stop day turning into night, or the earth from moving through the universe. Physical laws control the consequences of our physical choices.

Likewise, we ignore universal principles with dangerous results. Choosing to use principles, such as respect, kindness and trust, enables us to tap into a moral authority to guide our lives through many hazards. If we choose to make decisions and place value in our life on activities not based on universal principles that are self-evident, factual, objective and impersonal, well, we will have a hard row to hoe.

Universal principles direct our lives with objective cause and effect. Disregard principles of human behavior, and the effects can seem very personal and subjective. When we are cognizant of these underlying principles of life, we are more likely to make wise choices.

Inborn intelligence.

Our third gift is ourselves: our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our spirits. We might say we are comprised of four distinct intelligences: physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual. How we choose to use our talents depends on the tools, people, ideas and natural surroundings in which we find ourselves. Our intelligences allow us to act on our choices and principles.

Each of us is given three gifts: choice, physical and spiritual laws that are objective, factual, impersonal and self-evident, along with the innate intelligence to act on our choices and values. As adults, let us recognize our gifts, so we can help our children understand and fully utilize these natural endowments.

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