Childhood Potential Conference

Are you excited to help children build their foundation for joy and success in today’s world? 

Do you care for an infant or child and want to maximize their potential for growing into an independent, caring, and creative individual?

I invite you to join a jam-packed virtual conference on May 10-12, 2023, featuring more than 30 word-class speakers from around the globe. There you can explore the many ways Montessori can benefit you and your children.

You’ll hear about fostering appreciation for different cultures and managing difficult emotions and behaviors.

You’ll learn the best ways to prepare a Montessori environment and how to navigate developmental changes.

The best part?

This conference is completely free of charge!

If you’re already familiar with Montessori, come and expand upon your practice with new content!

If you’re new on this journey, we welcome you and can’t wait to explore this wealth of life-changing knowledge with you.

Interested? Register for free here.

From all corners of the globe you’ll find people who want to learn, grow, and uncover the true potential of our children.

For more information, including detailed lists of speakers, conference topics, and logistics, please visit the website of the conference.

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