Erlene Weldon

I want to thank you for the wonderfully encouraging newsletters that I find on a regular basis in my inbox.  I am saving every single one of them.  I tell my parents and teachers alike to subscribe to them, they are that helpful.  Please know that this is such a valuable contribution to us as […]

Christy Deegan

Seeing Your Child The Montessori Way

The information you provide helps me rethink and challenge my approach with my children. Your ideas are so logical and practical that they ‘just make sense’. Thanks for your insight and help!


I started following you back when my children were in school. Your choice of topics and thoughtful advice were helpful even though my children did not attend a Montessori School. Now they are grown, but as a children’s book author, and soon-to-be grandparent!, I am still a big follower. Thank you for so many years […]

Betty Hastings

I am a new Montessori teacher and have now taken a couple of courses with Maren. It’s great to have such a great resource available and she even personally answered my questions!

Anne-Marie Ryan

Over these many years, I, my family, relatives & friends have enjoyed, learned and even related to the articles published each week in Kids Talk.  The past, present and even future families of Medina Montessori School receive the Saturday post as well.  Can’t beat this wonderful use of technology to spread the Montessori model of peaceful life-long education.

Pamela Green

Thank you, Maren, for all of your wisdom, kind guidance, and support given to Montessori children, teachers, and their families. Your online course is full of information about Maria Montessori and her teachings, and you share this in a way that creates relationship with those taking the course….with you guiding the way.

Samantha Tan

I have taken the tailored-made workshop for our school and finished within six weeks. It was very thought-provoking and one of the best material I have ever come across in terms of parenting with Montessori principles. There are still plenty to learn even though my daughter has been in Montessori environment for over 4 years. […]

Norma Morris

Hats off to you, Maren, for making the Montessori philosophy come alive for parents and refreshed for teachers, and administrators. I have enjoyed every session and look forward to making the programs available for my staff and school community as pre-training, orientation, and parent education. Thanks for a light hearted and fun learning opportunity that brings great value to the Montessori […]

Lynette Goss

Thank you for providing workshops and articles about the Montessori approach. The tools your website provides have made me a better parent and teacher. They remind me and give me great ideas that I have used time and again at home and at school. I am so thankful to have Kids Talk as an asset […]

Jasmine Tunnicliffe

This was an excellent course. The length was enough to cover the basics of Montessori in enough detail that I felt it worthwhile without being overwhelming. There was food for thought throughout, and it opened my eyes to several issues I hadn’t considered before.