Montessori Insights

What makes this book stand out from other Montessori books for parents is that it focuses on the principles and offers information so that you, the parent, can make informed choices and decisions about your child and Montessori education.

Jim Fitzpatrick

An essential resource for every Montessori school…(a) basis for ongoing discussions within Montessori school communities, parent education programs and events.

Lorna McGrath

What a fabulous wealth of easy-to-read and understand information about the illusive Montessori approach to learning. This is a must read for all parents and guardians who have their children in Montessori schools or who are considering placing them in Montessori school.

Heather in Burmingham

Thank you so much for the links and the advice. I shared this with our school director and she was thrilled.

Barb in Kalamazoo

Just a quick note to say that this article was exactly what I needed! It’s been one of ‘those’ weeks. Thanks!

Vanessa in Sydney, Australia

Thanks for your fantastic columns (all of them). I loved the one today on compliments and will start the game tomorrow with my kids…


I’ve been following your work for quite some time and as a parent of two kids in Montessori I love what you write and think you hit the mark every time!


Thank you so much for your insight. I enjoy reading Kids Talk. It always provides a dose of sanity to my chaotic work life.