Learning To Be Good At Doing Things

learning to be good at doing things

Recently I read an article by a father of a three-year-old boy discussing his son’s prowess in the kitchen, and what a surprising amount of tasks his son could accomplish—washing vegetables, stemming mushrooms, cracking eggs and kneading dough. The dad observed, “I’m not pushing him. He’s pushing himself.” Our under seven’s are in a developmental […]

Learning to Make Choices

learning to make choices.

Our children’s world is changing at a pace that is difficult to comprehend. The jobs that are here today probably won’t exist in ten, much less twenty years. We need to teach and help our children learn a skill set that will enable them to navigate the fast-moving changes they will inevitably encounter during their […]

Learning to Deal With Change

learning to deal with change

Learning to deal with change has become one of the critical life skills of our times. The amount of new information that we can access through the internet grows in such a geometrical progression that it staggers the mind. In 2010 Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, commented that every two days we now create […]

Learning To Love To Learn

learning to love to learn

Trying to keep our children frustration free by controlling the consequences of movement–for example using spill proof drinking cups instead of ones that can spill–prevents our children from getting necessary and accurate feedback for optimal learning. When we can prepare a child’s indoor and outdoor spaces with a variety of activities that match skill and […]

Learning to Make Good Decisions

learning to make good decisions

What should we teach our children? Research shows that 80% of the facts we learn for tests are forgotten in a month. We remember best that information with which we have an emotional connection. It’s a lot easier to remember your birthday than the year of the Battle of Hastings. 1066, in case you’re wondering. […]