Gerlinde Green

montessori workshops for parents

Words cannot describe of how to the point helpful this course is. I am excited to implement the things I have learned in the year 2017. A new wonderful beginning for my little people and myself. Thank you so very much!

Karen Hunter

montessori workshops for parents

I truly appreciated the simple reminders of effectively teaching kids not only how to read, but to love learning and making it fun.

Alison Harris

Thank you so much for this workshop! It has reminded me of why I loved the Montessori Method in the first place…thinking outside the box about children and education. I will be working to implement what I have learned in the classroom, and no doubt I will be asking questions along the way. Each time […]

Mary Peterson

observation secrets

I loved this workshop! I have always enjoyed observing the children, but your ten secrets will definitely make for a more informed method for observation. I intend to review my notes regularly until they are embedded in my mind! Thank you so much.

Samantha Tan

Thank you for the valuable one-on-one discussion we had. After that I practiced and put in place a working system for my child as you suggested and found it works. I appreciate your clarity in communicating your insightful advise to our situation. It was relevant, respectful and educational in many ways.

Miriam Azan

montessori workshops for parents

I just wanted to share with you how happy I feel about learning with you. You are inspirational and fun!!  I am teaching an extracurricular reading class to primary and early elementary children and I love to get new and better ways to do it.  Taking these courses with you provides me with much of what I need and want.  Thank you!

Linda Kinson

montessori workshops for parents

I want to thank you for all the knowledge and valuable information you shared though this course. I have been excitedly preparing materials for my class in the fall!

Emanuella Correia

montessori workshops for parents

I decided to take the course because I wished to have more information to help my daughters with reading. I couldn’t be happier at what Maren Schmidt presented. It is exactly what I always dreamed as a learning method. It is very well structured, consistent and above all fun. Besides, I got personalized tips on […]

Anna Sta Maria

Congratulations for the job well done with your workshops. It’s easy to follow, great quality of videos, clear instructions, clear mp3 recordings, great reading materials and great online support. Honestly, the online workshop is amazing because I have no time pressure, no stress of language barrier because I can always paused and replay the video […]

Lily Spencer

Maren, I just had to share that after working with our parents on the 5 step-problem solving process, one mother and I got together and used it with her little boy who was having a hard time releasing her each morning to come into class (even though he LOVED it once he was there!) Turns […]