Leaders Respond

Leaders Respond

Responsibility. Think of responsibility as being able to respond with ability. As leaders, if we are to respond with ability, we must have certain skills, knowledge and attitudes. We must cultivate a habit of enlarging, as well as focusing, vital attitudes, knowledge and skills. To know and not to do, is really not to know. […]

Leaders Listen

Leaders Listen

As we examine the leader in the mirror, we should see improvement and growth as we work to enlarge our sphere of influence by learning and practicing new skills based on principles that represent the people and causes we value most. To grow as a leader we must have integrity, empathy, and critical thinking skills […]

Leaders Grow

Leaders Grow

Research shows that it takes a minimum of 10,000 hours of focused practice to become a master musician, artist, dancer‚Ķparent or leader. One of the first steps in becoming a leader is realizing that proficiency requires a significant amount of time, commitment and dedication. How much time is 10,000 hours? Practice eight hours a day, […]

Leaders Innovate

Leaders Innovate

Making small adjustments in our lives in terms of vision, discipline, passion and conscience provide big payback on our leadership growth and abilities. Vision requires our mental skills of using imagination and curiosity. Discipline in turn uses our mind to control our physical challenges. Passion arrives when we find purpose in our lives. Conscience deals […]

The Best Test of Leadership

The Best Test Of Leadership

Every four years, as we enter into our presidential election cycle, we are deluged with daily details about various candidates for a variety of offices. Our minds may turn to the idea of leadership, or the lack of leadership, as the case may be. The reality of leadership is that it begins within the individual, […]

Creating Clear Expectations for Our Children

creating clear expectations

“Last night Dustin asked me what rules we had at home. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t have a ready answer. Dustin told me, ‘At school we have these rules, Mommy. Choose your work. Don’t touch anybody’s work. Work at a rug or table. And put your work away when you’re finished.’ See, even […]

Providing Structure in the Life of a Child

creating structure

Dr. Robert Shaw in his book, The Epidemic, tells us that there are two “emotional vitamins” we can provide for our children: clear structure and clear expectations. How do we go about giving our children these two important items? This week we’ll explore how to create a clear structure, and next week we’ll look at […]

Don’t Be a Dolt

don't be a dolt

“I can’t tell you ’cause you’re a dolt.” Kenny said through his sniffles. “A dolt?” I thought. What did I do to be called a dolt by a kindergartner in my Sunday school class? I took a deep breath and ventured into unknown territory. “Kenny, what do you mean, a dolt?” “You know, a grown-up.” […]

In Service to the Child

in service to the child

When you help a child climb the tree, everyone enjoys the fruit.-Nankani Proverb What do we expect when we patronize a restaurant? Tasty food, cheerful wait staff, good cost/price performance, timely delivery and, of course, not to go away hungry. Our decision making process is based on factors of price, timeliness, quality of relationships and […]

Oxygen for Brain Development

oxygen for brain development

Sometimes a simple and effective solution is right in front of us. Our bodies are 65 percent water. Our brains are 75 percent water. Water, H2O, is made from two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Our brain needs oxygen and water for optimum brain functioning. To help our brains be their best, what […]